Fiserv Forum is committed to providing the safest environment for our employees and guests.  We are committed to continuously monitoring the spread of COVID-19 at a national, state and local level, while adhering to all local health department rules in our evaluation of work and event protocols based on the most current situation. Please review the resources on this page carefully before attending an event at Fiserv Forum.


We recommend that fans visit and for important precautionary information. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it safe for me and my family to attend events at Fiserv Forum?

In collaboration with local, state, and national health officials, we have adjusted our operations to create the safest possible environment to enjoy Bucks basketball. Fiserv Forum has made a significant investment in new housekeeping equipment and training to ensure that the Arena is ready to host fans. Resources such as hand sanitizer stations and sealed packaging for all food items are available throughout the Arena. We have also introduced new policies such as health screening, socially-distanced building access and seating, mask requirements, all-digital ticketing, and contactless payment at concessions locations. It is important for all guests and staff to remember that stopping the spread starts with everyone adhering to these safety procedures and  committing to stay home if they don’t feel well!

How do you determine what capacity is safe for Fiserv Forum events?

All crowd capacity decisions are made with the guidance of local, state, and national health officials. Our top priority at all times is to create an environment where people can safely maintain social distancing while enjoying the game. For enclosed spaces within the building, you will notice that we may enforce capacity policies within those spaces to maintain safe distancing between all guests.

All available seats will be distanced at least six (6) feet apart from other groups of seats. Guests are not permitted to congregate with anyone outside of their ticketed party.

After full consultation with the City of Milwaukee Health Department, Fiserv Forum has been approved to welcome crowds at 10% of Arena capacity.

What will Fiserv Forum look like under the new health guidelines?

When we open the doors of Fiserv Forum, guests will notice many changes designed to make the Arena safe for Bucks fans. Among the new policies you may notice:

  • In order to attend an event at Fiserv Forum, all guests are required to purchase a digital ticket. For easiest access to tickets, we recommend downloading the Bucks App:
    • Please nte that screen shots will no longer be accepted at Fiserv Forum. With our new ticketing software, pictures/images of ticket barcodes will not scan successfully. You must pull up a ticket with the Bucks app, Ticketmaster app, or by downloading a ticket to your phone’s wallet app.
  • Starting on February 21, all ticket holders will be assigned an entrance time as well as an entry point. We ask that you help us reduce unsafe congestion at the entrances by arriving at Fiserv Forum during your assigned entry window.
  • Upon entering the Arena, ticketed guests must verbally complete a health screening, verifying they have not been exposed to Covid nor are feeling any symptoms of the virus. This screening will happen at the security checkpoint.
  • Per NBA guidelines, we have implemented a new Bag Policy that will reduce the amount of contact that our staff will have with your personal belongings. Items larger than 4”x6”x1” will not be permitted. Exceptions will only be made for bags that are required for medical or parental needs.
  • We have created lines inside and outside the arena with social distancing signage and markings for guests to observe in order to maintain a safe distance at all times.
  • All guests and staff will be required to wear a mask at all times while inside Fiserv Forum. Please note that bandanas, gaiters, and other improvised masks may not be permitted inside the Arena. Masks with ventilators will not be permitted unless covered by a second mask. If you do not have a proper mask upon arrival to the Arena, please speak with a staff member at the entrance.
    • Arena staff will practively enforce the mask policy at all times. As with other requirements of the Fiserv Forum Code of Conduct, guests who are ignoring the mask policy will be given one (1) warning by Arena staff. Continued violation of the mask policy will result in ejection from the Arena.
    • The ONLY acceptable time t remove a mask will be if a guest is ACTIVELY consuming food or beverage. Please be aware that simply hlding a beverage r food will not be an acceptable reason for keeping a mask off.
  • We have installed new signage throughout the building that will help you enjoy the safest possible visit to Fiserv Forum. Please observe and respect the instructions on our signs.
  • In consultation with the City of Milwaukee Health Department, we are requiring guests to stay seated at all times throughout the entire game. The only exception to this policy will be prior to tip-off, when guests may stand to observe our National Anthem. At all other times, guests are not permitted to stand while at their seats.
  • We are pleased to announce that Fiserv Forum’s award-winning culinary team will be here for all Bucks games. In order to reduce contact in the Arena, all concessions must be ordered either with the Bucks App or on digital kiosks located throughout the Arena. All payments must be made using a credit/debit/gift card. Don’t worry! If you only use cash, you can convert bills to a card at any of the new cash-to-card stations, located throughout the Arena. The cash-to-card machines do not charge a fee and will not require you to provide any personal information.

In addition to our guests, it is our priority to maintain the safety of our employees. The members of our Team at Fiserv Forum that will assist in the safe and successful activation of all events will be required the follow the same safety measures as guests upon entry to the building. They will be responsible for maintaining an exceptionally clean and safe environment for all. Each employee will receive training with additional enhancements including a new standard of hygiene, creating a seamless experience while maintaining social distance, and new methods of supporting guests during their experience at Fiserv Forum.

Will food and beverage be served at Fiserv Forum?

Yes! Thanks to the hard work of our concessions team, we have created a contactless experience that ensures safe service for all guests who choose to enjoy food and beverage at Fiserv Forum. All orders can be placed through the Bucks mobile app or at kiosks located on the Main and Upper Concourses. With this new, digital procedure, say goodbye to waiting in line for food! You will be automatically notified when your food is ready to be picked up from your section’s designated location. Guests will enjoy cashless ordering systems, socially distanced pickup and all of the same, terrific food that they have come to expect. Please make sure you have downloaded the Bucks App in order to use the new ordering system!

Available food items will include chicken tenders, brats, burgers, curds, fries, poke bowls, popcorn, ice cream, and so much more!

Individually packaged condiments will be provided complimentary in all necessary food orders. Additionally, guests will be provided with pre-packaged utensils. All food and beverage pick-up locations will be regularly sanitized throughout the event.

Please be aware that food and beverage may only be consumed at your seats (if you have access to the BMO Club or Jockey Club, you may eat and drink in those clubs). Consumption of food or beverage anywhere else in the Arena, including on concourses, is prohibited.

Will the Bucks Pro Shop and other retail locations be open during events?

Yes. All retail staff will be provided with appropriate personal protective equipment prior to every shift. Guests coming to the Pro Shop will experience the following precautions put in place to protect themselves along with the retail employees:

  • A reduced capacity in all retail stores.
  • Fitting rooms will be closed off for use as guests will be prohibited from trying on headwear or apparel prior to purchase.
  • Smaller quantities of retail items will be on display in the stores and stands, guests interested in purchasing items may need to make a size request to a retail employee working in the store or at the stand.
  • The number of clothing fixture displays on the floor will be reduced to allow for additional social distancing between shoppers.
  • Additional controls have been added for line queuing at checkout counters as well as plexiglass screens have been added to checkout counters to create a barrier between guests and employees.
  • Guests making purchases will be able to use contactless payments options, reverse ATM’s will be available for guests who have cash for purchases.
  • Per NBA Guidelines, no returns or exchanges are allowed.


Sanitizing stations and social distancing signage has been added to all retail stores and portable stand locations for the safety of guests and retail employees at Fiserv Forum.

What is Fiserv Forum’s mask policy?

Similar to many businesses throughout the world, Fiserv Forum requires that guests and staff wear masks in order to be in the building. Guests who are actively eating or drinking may quickly pull down their masks to do so. Please note that simply holding a beverage or food item in your hand does not qualify as active consumption. If a staff member notices a guest without a mask on who is not in the act of consuming food or beverage, they will ask the guest to put their mask back on. For the safety of our crowd, staff will consistently walk throughout the building enforcing this mask policy.

Will the interactive displays and activations still be in use on the concourse?

No, all interactive concourse activations and sponsor tables will be suspended to aid pedestrian traffic flow and provide for additional physical distancing.  Specific to the Kohl’s Court, any interactive displays that encourage touching by guests have been eliminated.

Will we still be able to utilize the coat checks when attending events at Fiserv Forum?

No. For your health and safety, we are suspending coat check service for the time being. Please bring your belongings with you to your ticketed seat.

Will there be any giveaways or promotional items handed out prior to or during games?

Pre-game and in-game giveaways have been suspended.  Best practices and guidance from local health officials will be considered when deciding how to safely return to providing giveaways at events.

Can we still purchase tickets to events at the Fiserv Forum Ticket Office?

At this time, all purchases of Fiserv Forum tickets must take place online or via telephone.

For your convenience and safety, we recommend that you purchase tickets for all Fiserv Forum events on or

Will the elevators be in use during events at Fiserv Forum?

Yes, though access to elevators will be limited.  Capacity inside elevators is restricted to four guests, and Guest Experience staff will be positioned at elevator lobbies to manage lines and encourage guests to utilize alternate paths of travel between levels. 

Will the escalators be in use during events at Fiserv Forum?

Yes. Escalators will be the quickest, safest way for guests to travel from one level of the Arena to another. Guest Experience staff will be positioned at the escalators to message social distancing requirements to guests who choose to utilize escalators at Fiserv Forum and additional signage will be placed at all escalator landings to encourage social distancing.

How will social distancing be promoted within Fiserv Forum?

Social distancing signage will be visible throughout Fiserv Forum. We have included directional floor markings and signage to provide guidance to guests as they navigate through the Arena. The seating arrangement for Bucks games has been designed specifically to provide as much space as possible between groups of guests. Please note that guests will not be permitted to sit (or visit) any seat in the building except their own ticketed location.

Will guests have access to hand sanitizer or wipes while attending events at Fiserv Forum?

Yes. Single use sanitizing wipes will be available for all guests during each event and hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout Fiserv Forum.  If guests are in need of additional wipes, they should contact the Guest Experience staff member in their section for assistance or may visit one of the Guest Concierge Desks on the Main and Upper Concourses.

Have any enhancements been made to the restrooms to combat COVID-19?

Yes. All existing faucets, toilets, urinals, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers have been replaced with touchless solutions. Social distancing will be enforced within the restrooms and all guests are asked to please wash their hands under warm water for 20 seconds, in keeping with CDC guidelines.

How have the cleaning procedures been updated at Fiserv Forum on event days?

Additional housekeeping staff will be scheduled on event days with an emphasis on wiping and disinfecting fixtures and solid surfaces more frequently throughout events. After each event, housekeeping staff will be required to conduct a high-level clean of back of house spaces and front of house spaces.

How have the parking operations changed at Fiserv Forum?

Parking attendants will be provided with appropriate personal protective equipment prior to every shift. Guests are encouraged to pay for parking in advance through online applications, or on-site via contactless methods made available to all guests.  Cash payments will no longer be accepted at any parking garages.

To alleviate crowding, guests in parking garages will be asked to observe a single flow of traffic in stairwells (down to street level before the event, up to the parking levels after the event). Additionally, elevators will be reserved for guests in need of accessibility accommodation. All other guests are asked to utilize the stairs.

Can guests order alcoholic and other beverages from hawkers and at the bar locations at Fiserv Forum?

No. Guests purchasing beer and soda products will be limited to pre-packaged offerings only, via the mobile ordering process. At this time, beverage hawking and “belly up” service bars have been eliminated on all concourses and inside the seating bowl.

How has food service changed in suites and premium hospitality spaces?

Food menus in suites and premium hospitality spaces have been modified with an emphasis on safety and hygiene.  Guests in suites and premium hospitality spaces will receive their items in pre-packaged and prepared servings. Build your own food options have been eliminated and replaced with items that have been prepared directly by chefs in the kitchen.

Dry snacks will be provided in sealed packages for guests in suites and premium hospitality spaces.

Single use condiments will be provided complimentary in all necessary food orders.  Additionally, Guests will be provided with pre-packaged utensils upon purchasing food items. 

Have there been any changes to parking?

We are pleased to continue to offer convenient parking in multi-level garages at 5th St. and McKinley Ave as well as 6th St. and Highland Ave. Please note that the garages do not accept cash payment. The best way to purchase parking is in advance at

Is Fiserv Forum prepared to stop hosting events if there is another increase in cases of Covid-19?

Similar to other businesses that have opened back up during the pandemic, we plan to start small and work our way towards larger events based on guidelines set by local, state and national health officials. Throughout this entire process, our main priority will always be protecting the health and safety of our employees and guests. If at any point we feel that protection is in jeopardy, we will adjust our processes accordingly.

Rescheduled Events

Most events have been postponed and will be rescheduled. Tickets held for any postponed events will be valid for the rescheduled dates.


Fiserv Forum Events Update:

-Flat Out Friday - New date December 3, 2021

-Blake Shelton – New date to be announced

-WWE - Cancelled *refunds available at point of purchase

-Michael Buble – New date September 14, 2021

-Gospelfest - Cancelled *refunds available at point of purchase

-Dan + Shay – New date September 24, 2021

-Ozuna - Cancelled *refunds available at point of purchase

-Elton John - New date April 2, 2022

-The 1975 - Cancelled *refunds available at point of purchase

-Tame Impala - New date October 8, 2021

-Roger Waters - New date to be announced

-Alan Jackson - New date September 10, 2021

-Joe Rogan - New date August 7, 2021

-Holiday Face-Off Hockey Tournament - Cancelled *refunds available at point of purchase


Are refunds available?

Tickets held for any postponed game or event will be valid for the rescheduled date.

In the event that a Bucks game is cancelled: If you own a Milwaukee Bucks ticket package that includes affected games, you will receive a separate communication from our organization that provides detailed information on your ticket options. If you purchased tickets to individual games or special events through Ticketmaster, or the Bucks mobile app, and those events are cancelled at a future date, you will receive an email from Ticketmaster with additional information.

Refunds are not available for events that proceed as scheduled. We encourage fans who are not comfortable to utilize Ticketmaster’s verified ticket fan-to-fan resale marketplace ( If the status of an event changes, ticketholders will be notified via email with further details.